For over three decades, Metro Wood Works, Inc., has been providing Hampton Roads with top-of-the-line gutter services. Our professional staff is knowledgeable in the best installation practices to prevent water damage on your property. Offering several different sizes of seamless gutters and “custom to your specific needs” gutter guards, Metro Wood Works, Inc. helps you protect your investment.

ONE Gutter Guard

Leaf Sentury is an aluminum gutter guard designed to fit securely into your gutters and handle the heaviest of rain storms. Leaf Sentury installs under the shingles and attaches to the gutters for a permanent solution. It makes use of surface tension to channel water into the gutter, leaving sticks, leaves and other debris behind. Available in 16 colors and copper. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime no clog guarantee. If your gutters ever clog we will clean them for free. Best choice for preventing leaf and stick clogs is Leaf Sentury.

Leaf Sentury

ONE Gutter Guard is made of solid aluminum with a fine mesh insert. If you have pine needles, oak trees, or crepe myrtles this is the product for you. This system creates a seamless and impenetrable barrier that will keep your gutters clean and clear for a lifetime. It’s 5 times the strength of the nearest competitor and able to absorb 100 times the volume of the heaviest recorded rainfall. One Gutter Guard is our highest quality gutter guard covered by a limited lifetime material warranty and a lifetime clog guarantee. If your gutters ever clog we will clean them for free. Best protection for pine needles in the industry.

Bulldog Gutter Guard is an aluminum insert that fits securely in your existing gutters and does not interfere with the shingles. While it's invisible from the ground, it can handle down pour and prevents animals and birds from nesting. Bulldog leaf guard installation actually strengthens your entire gutter system. Protected by our 20 year guarantee: If your gutters clogged in the next 20 years we will clean them for you. You can’t go wrong with bulldog.

Bulldog Guard